Is the cause of political unhappiness the people on government or the system of democracy?

Western society has used representative democracy for two hundred years without an update or upgrade. Our ancient democracy is failing to address pressing problems of climate change, economic and social instability, and a growing frustration as citizen's liberty evaporates. Many of these problems are being temporarily solved by massive debt which has been enabled through the sinister interests of money and corporate contractual law with our elected governments. We are moving from a democracy to a plutocracy. There is no historical precedent to measure the consequences of plutocracy, however there is a precedent showing the benefits of updating democracy from a participatory (representative) to a participative democracy.

Society has made a terrible mistake in blaming politicians for the problems in our democracies. The fact that our governments are powerless to solve fundamental problems; doesn't matter who is elected is proof that the fault is not in the government or the politicians but the system. Representative democracy is divisive, counter-productive and oppressive.

This simple upgrade from representative to participative will end war, poverty, corruption, overpopulation, will build a noble citizenry; create unbelievable wealth, durable products and overall stability for all species, including man, on the planet earth.