2017 political literature


Several hundred books with political subject matter have been published in 2017. I have been searching for someone to follow who has a solution to the incredible political unhappiness I see in every niche of  our planet. All I find is a diatribe describing forceful and bitter attacks against individual corruption and political stupidity. It seems no one has identified the central problem.  

I recognized a brief happiness in one sector of society when Alabama elected a Democrat. At the same time I recognized the same amount of unhappiness from another sector of society. The big picture shows representative democracy as a two hundred year old horse drawn carriage being pulled by old horses, whipped into moving forward by the likes of Bernie Saunders, down a busy freeway. Hundreds of police protect the old slow moving buggy blocking citizens in cars but letting eighteen wheeler trucks of plutocracy proceed at seventy miles an hour down the outer lane. The era of representative democracy is coming to a close. It is time to update the old buggy to a sleek new vehicle powered by citizen's authority.    

Heaven forbid our old political system, that hasn't been updated or upgraded for two hundred years should be blamed. When will people wake up and recognize that it is not our politicians or our citizens that are the problem. It is a simple matter of using our wonderful new technology to capture and focus the incredible power of our planetary citizens