The Future

 Imagine sometime in the early part of the twenty-first century some super rich CEOs of internet companies decide there is some merit to expanding their software to fulfill the fundamental principle of democracy by giving each citizen the ability to control their POPA from the age of consent until the end of life. The incentive for the software companys is to increase the number of users, making their software even more valuable.

Like so many bits of social media the platform will be a surprise, not realized until we find it entrenched all around us. The developers believe even if there is no reason to predict a cataclysmic end, our world will be a better place if we enjoy legitimate laws. The developers decides to build simple interface- able platforms giving each citizen of the world the ability to see who is using their (piece of politicl authority) POPA based on the demographic location of the citizen's home address.

This simple platform is entirely citizen controlled. The individual, if they choose can join giving sufficient information to establish their identity as a planetary citizen (GPS location of their primary residence). Politicians have the option of joining and using the provided platform to broadcast their beliefs and policies.

After joining the citizen sees their political account. They see which politicians are using their POPA to make law. The citizen can also see lists of politicians who are competing with their politician at the same level of government. The citizen can judge the politician's record and policies by reviewing what each politician has posted.

If the citizen doesn't like what the politician, who is using their POPA to make law, is doing they can hover their finger over the green dot representing their POPA. When the green dot starts to blink the citizen moves their finger dragging their POPA to a politician who represents their vested interests. The change is recorded on a secure server similar to the ones used by our banks.

By accounting the number of citizens each politician represents, an absolute number representing percentage of consensus, can be generated for each law passed.

The citizen will see which politicians are using their political authority to make law on a municipal level, a state, territorial or provincial level, federal level and which UN delegate is using their global POPA to pass resolutions. The citizen is in control. They decide when they go into their secure isolated virtual political account. Citizen's see what politicians have posted and move their political authority if they choose without prejudice just as we do today with our bank accounts.

Yikes? Will the establishment run around shouting "the sky is falling!" like they did after Adam Smith published his book "The Wealth of Nation" in 1764? Will modern aristocracy insist on making laws to hunt down supporters of this seditious instrument?

Probably not; my guess is politicians will welcome a new stage. Just as they have embraced social media, politicians will go into high gear trying to attract as many followers as possible.

It will be interesting to watch elected governments scrap over the percentage of consensus results from the internet service. If there is a question of legitimacy, when say a law is passed with only ten percent consensus, the opposition will use the information to discredit the government, the winners will denounce the information and the media will use the information as part of a story. It won't be long before governments start tailoring their legislations in a competitive struggle to get a percentage of consensus over fifty percent. Political groups led by common citizens who have a specialty and understand better than any politician the unforeseen consequences of present or proposed laws will form. Unlikely people who love to analyze documents will become leaders. Our governments will be under a microscope.

I can't wait to hear the debate about rightful and legitimate government. I can't wait to listen to clear and open debates for and against new laws and reforms. However, it will be hard to get away from the incessant crowing of angry roosters with comb over hairdos. The good news is, these roosters, with all their finery, will be harmless because, as citizens, we know we can rely on the stout hearts of our fellow citizens.

Yes citizens will realize they are the center, they are in control. Global citizens will realize they form a round political world with politicians revolving around them. This is in contrast to the present idea of a flat political earth extending to the boundaries of our own country with citizens orbiting around politicians Over a decade or two people will realize this universal political power is a beautiful thing capable of making the best law for all. The world will slowly change as people compete for status by being the absolute best citizens. Over a period of time governments will retry old laws and boast that their jurisdiction recognizes only their fresh new set of legitimate laws. 

We will be able to live without keys because we will have good reason to trust the stout hearts of our fellow citizens. War will be a thing of the past. World population will fall leaving enough resource to allow nature to re-balance. We will change our border crossings into welcome centers. We will have meaningful lives with twenty hour flex schedule work weeks and we will meter our resources making only the best most resilient products.

Our world will be free of Machiavellian political thought where potential rulers will have morphed into honest caring leaders who get things done using the powerful authority of our citizens. Oh yes, our world will be a wonderful environment of liberty filled with competition to live the best, think the best, build the best and give the most. Our international laws will be simple and crystal clear crafted with the power of a billion minds with ownership and responsibility in each and every law.